Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beck Get's Stitches

Beck tripped on our kitchen rug and took a header into a leg of our kitchen table. He received a pretty nasty,deep wound. Fortunately Jon was home to calmly handle the situation. We took him to the ER where he received 8 stitches. His gash went through to the scull. I told him if he would remain calm during his shot and stitches than he could go and pick up Mario Kart for the WII. He had about 6 shots right in his wound. He held perfectly still and did not make one peep. What a sweet, strong, brave boy. This was defiantly more traumatic on his mother. We reminisced about how Aunt Candice cut her head open around Valentines when she was 5 as well. Mom, once again was more worked up than Candice. He talked to Aunt Candice right when he walked out of the ER. Such a lucky boy to have so many people love and care about your well being. Now for Mom's sake, lets home the wound heals up nicely, your future wife will also agree.


Kelsey said...

I cried last year when they shot the numbing stuff in my wound! Can't believe how big beck is..

Heather said...

Oh poor Beck! I'm glad it's healing well now. So brave!