Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beckham's 6th Birthday

Turning 6 was great for Beck. There was a lot of pressure on us to make all his celebrations great! Beck is really into the actual celebration of Birthday's. We love him and think he is one great kid.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playa Del Carmen 2011

We spent our 2011 Christmas back in Playa Del Carmen. We had many adventures. One of the biggest was getting our 3 kids there and home. The trip was paradise and time with my family is priceless. So grateful for my parents who keep our family close. We love to travel together and we have made some pretty great memories over our lives. We missed Zach and Liz this year. Not the same without everyone.

Feliz Natividad
Our usual Taco stop.

Inside a Cenote

Our usual Taxi ride where we all pile into a van.

I love this picture of my Dad and the boys.

Xhel Ha
Beck loved snorkeling. At Acumal he was able to snorkel with turtles. We also say and Eagle Ray, Stingrays, Baracuda, Puffer fish, Parrot fish, and at least 10 turtles. the Eagle ray was amazing. Not as big as the one we saw on our dive.

The kids loved this submarine boat at Xel Ha. They sat watching the fish swim around the. Suddenly mermaid Candice appeared.
Beck zip lined with Grandma and Papa.

Cenotes. These were pretty amazing. The water was crystal clear.
Drew boy turned 18. He looks a little different than when he turned 13 in Play many years back.
Our traditional picture spot.
4 chickens Alex really??? No problem finishing those off.
Our Cozumel dive. This was the 3rd time diving here. Each time I am amazed at the beauty. Christina's Dive shop always takes us on an incredible dive. We saw 2 large Eagle Rays, Turtles, and monster Lobster, colorful coral and tubing, and endless amounts of tropical fish.