Sunday, July 24, 2011

24th of July Extravaganza

My Aunt Shelly and the Condie clan put on a July 24th celebration indeed. Full of People, Swimming, Snow cones, Cotton Candy, Pinatas, and Fire Dancers. Not to forget the never ending display of fireworks over the pool and visit from Brother Brigham. Many years of fantastic memories of the 24th of July at Condie Pool.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Piro Techno's

What would the 24th be without the Helm Tank Wars. This year got a little over the top. Basically the tanks were turned into bombs. Beckham really embraced the art of building the most lethal of tanks. He built many deadly tanks loaded with fireworks. The best part is watching all the boys run for their lives once they have lit the tanks. Alex was hit a few times. Really I am surprised they all have fingers. It is a good tradition and hilarious to watch.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Helm Family Newport Beach

Week 2... spent with the Helm Family in Newport Beach. We have so many traditions there. Most of them involve food. We have even added a few more. This year we finally made it to Javier's. Jon has been wanting to eat there for a few years. Did not disappoint, beautiful restaurant with yummy food. Also our new fish taco place, Bear Flag Fish and Roscowes chicken and waffles. The rest of this year was pretty typical. Lots of beach time, surf shops, sand castles, bocce ball and swimming. Drew taught Ruby to walk. So by the end of our trip she was moving around a little more. I also completed my first solo drive home with all 3 kids. Thanks to the "Help" on audio books. Two weeks at the beach was still not enough. Once day Jon and I will find our way to cute little cottage on the ocean.....

Candice walked Ruby everyday on the beach to get her to sleep. Find your thumb Ruby!

The Dolphins were so close.

Loves her Zachy. Especially loves to yell his name even if it is to Liz.

Balboa Bars...the little lady recognizes my Dad every year.