Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sugar Cookies

The Anderson girls are famous for their delicious sugar cookies. We only get them about twice a year. This year I convinced Steph to come make them with us.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sick Sick Days

Beck and I have had the worst cold this past week and have been stuck in bed together. Since Ira was full of energy and all recovered from the sickness, my mom saved me by whisking him away. He spent a few days with Grandma and his best pal Papa. He followed my dad around all day asking Papa to play ball with him. He got to snuggle up next to them to sleep at night and really enjoyed the individual attention. One night they took him to look at Christmas light and as they left they asked Ira if he wanted a hat. Of course he wanted a hat! This is the one he chose and continued to wear up until he got home to us. So this is a picture of him right after his arrival home. Thanks uncle Drew for the hat because it is a keeper for Ira.

Alex and Mom

Happy Birthday Mom and Alex!

Live Nativity

For family home evening we got together with some families in our ward and went the live Nativity in Alpine. It was amazing! When we got off our shuttle bus we were met by Roman Soldiers on horse. Then we followed the path to a barn which was turned into the town of Bethlehem with camels, sheep, goats, people spinning wool, making bread and living just like they would when Christ was born. We then traveled to the next barn where 4 men were a top singing Christmas carols. As we entered the next barn we saw Mary and Joseph and the sweet baby Jesus. Such a beautiful experience. I know my kids are young but this was really a special way to teach them about the birth of our Savior.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Walker Christmas Party 09

Since we are headed to Costa Rica for Christmas we celebrated the holiday early with our party at Great Grandma and Grandpa Walkers house. It is always so much fun to celebrate with my Helm Cousins and Aunt Shelly and Uncle Scott. GG and Papa make the evening so special and their house is decorated to the hilt. We all talked about our favorite thing about Christmas. It was neat to reminisce and remember years past. I have great memories of visiting them at the ranch in California for our party before my family headed to Utah to spend Christmas. The Road leading up to the house was all lit up and there was a tree in every room. It is nice to have all of us in Utah together and to have their home in SLC to gather at. We have a close Helm side and love any chance we can all get together.

Christmas Ornament's

We braved the freezing temps and headed to Gardner Village to complete one of our yearly traditions. We had to visit the Christmas shop to let the boys pick our their ornament for the year. Beck chose a hot air balloon and Ira got a Noah's Ark one. It was so festive there with all the elves and lights. It was fun to have Papa and Grandma Helm join us.