Monday, September 26, 2011

Grand Teton's and Yellowstone

We are really getting our use of our National Parks Pass. We spent Labor Day up in The Grand Tetons as well as Yellowstone. We were in great company with my parents and grandparents. Oh lets not forget our Drew boy. We stayed at Colter Bay in some cute and rustic cabins. We had a great lunch and stagecoach ride in Jackson Hole. The weather was just perfect. We spent a full day driving the loop through Yellowstone. The kids loved the geysers at Old Faithful. They discovered a few that they named as their own. We spent our last day at Jenny Lake, where we took a boat ferry across the lake to hike to Hidden Falls. What a great way to spend our holiday and looks like a new tradition has been formed. We are on a quest for a bear and wolf. Also this picture below makes the entire trip worth it!

This restaurant was where Grandpa Shipley lived when he was a baby.

Yes, just take your time buffalo. Little did he know that he had hundreds of cars lined up behind him. This is what makes Yellowstone.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ira Starts Preschool

After 2 years of taking Beck and watching him walk into Mrs. Lindley's school, Ira get's his turn. He has a class full of close friends. Brynn, Brackyn, Taycie,Dev,Ryder and Crew. Good Luck Jessica!