Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beck's Bathtime

Spick and Span, just like Mom likes me.As you can see he can get a bit ditry. Yummy Prunes!!
Thank goodness for the sink on Grandpa Helm's boat. Even when boating he gets his baths.
This is usually where Beck has his baths. In the kitchen sink just like his uncle Alex and Zach use to do.

Graduation 2006

Jon Graduated with his MBA and Masters in Engineering this August. Congrats Jon we are very proud of you. He has taken job at Vision Bankcard here in Orem. It is a good company.

Here our some pics of big graduation day.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beckham with Beckham

Well NO we did not name our child after the famous soccer star David Beckham. But after looking at his picture I dont think it it such a bad thing. David Beckham was here in Utah last week with Real Madrid to play against Real SLC. So a friend of Jon's ran into him at the Apple store and took a pic. I felt bad that we did not get one with our Beckham so here is the best we can do. Beck's with Baby Beck's. Look our Beck has even started to work on the hairdo.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well were lucky enough to get to store Colby ( our beloved 25 yr old boat) for the summer since my dad ( well actually my mom ) decided that our family needed a bigger boat. Hey we cannot complain we now have a new family boat and Jon and I have our beloved old faithful Colby. It has been great since Utah Lake is 5 minutes from our house here in Provo. Jon has had some good experience in repairs that I am sure he would love to forget. We have been able to go to the lake at least once a week with friends and family. Beck is a real trooper and usually falls asleep within the first 5 minutes we are on the boat. Jon has really gotten into the Wake Skate ( looks like a skateboard on water). He has inproved, but I cannot lie he needs a lot more work:). Fortunatly skiing came back to him afer he has been trying to get up all summer with his wrong foot forward and back. After drowning all summer in effort he diecided to switch his feet and popped up out of the water first try. I know he feels a lot better now that he remebered what foot goes where. I guess we have been living it up on the water since I was out of commission last thanks to our boy( well worth It)

This is Beck with his cousin Presley

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Newport Beach

Jon took off to Alaska with his Dad and brother Scott for a week so Beck and I decided we were not going to stick around. We went with my family down to Newport Beach. Since Beck is a little waterbaby I knew he would have a great time. We spent everyday at the beach. Beck loved laying under the unbrella and rubbing his hands though the sand. I decided we needed some pics of him by the water. So with the help of Aunt Candice we were able to get a few shots. He fell over once and that was enough for him. He had sand in all of his cracks.