Monday, March 07, 2011


My friend’s always give me a hard time for being a little lax about keeping bows in Ruby girl’s hair. I told my friend Leslie the other day that I needed to trim around Ruby's ears because her hair was getting too long. She laughed and said "Oh No honey, Ruby is a girl remember? You let the hair grow". I am so use to keeping hair short with the boys that I did not even think I could do anything different with Ruby. I do think a darling little bob will fit the doll quite nicely. Anyhow yesterday I did three little buns in her hair. I really outdid my normal self. I did not snap a shot of it done but here is the aftermath. She did look darling. I guess I am turning a new leaf. So eat your hearts out girlfriends.
P.S I think this is why Ruby is turning more and more to her thumbs.

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The Shupes said...

You are so funny!! It is different after having a boy, you just cut their hair!! And I still don't know what to do with Claire's, someday her hair will all be the same length! And her pigtails last a little longer these days, but not that long still!!