Friday, March 11, 2011

Ruby is 13 Months

This little girl is so much fun. She has started trying to chat a lot with us. She has learned to say Uh-Oh and Growl at you. She also can make a kiss sound when you ask her for a kiss. Still a loves to cuddle up to Mama (as she calls me). Occasionally Dad can get a 5 second cuddle from the Doll. She is not big into any toys. It is pretty rare that you will find Ruby playing with toys. If I am anywhere near she likes to crawl on over and sit right on Mama's lap. Happy to just be held. She has started to suck her thumb even more than usual, hope we can break that habit one day. I put her hair in a few little buns and this was the aftermath. We love having this living doll in our family. With her grough manly sounding laugh and all.


Megan said...

She's such a beauty!

liz said...

Love that pic of the rubs and Jon. So sweet. Feel better ruby girl!
Oh and I like your new blog look. So chic Jessica.